Barre:  Our classic Barre is through BarreAmped, which is a fitness method founded on the technique of dance, the mind body aspect of yoga, and the precision and core integration of Pilates. All levels welcome in this muscle lengthening and chiseling class. Results come quickly and are produced by small isolated holds with tiny movements that require a strong mental connection to the muscle. Expect to be challenged and energized. Leave feeling strong and relaxed.

Barre Bootcamp:  Our Barre Bootcamp combines traditional BarreAmped techniques that chisel and lengthen with interval training to burn fat and guarantee results - fast. This class combines classic Barre with several low impact cardio intervals. All levels welcome.  A heavy leg based class mixed with floor and core work, this program relies on interval style training to shake up your workouts and keep your muscles guessing.

Tabata Barre:  Tabata is a class for everyone. It’s similar in style to our BarreAmped Bootcamp, but offers the added challenge and burn of cardio intervals. These intervals rely on short bursts of plyometric exercises interspersed with shorter rests to send your body right into the fat burning zone. This class is all about pushing yourself to your max while maintaining proper and controlled form. If you want to burn fat fast, Tabata is for you!

Barre Fire:  BarreAmped Fire is our toughest class. It relies heavily on the client's proven technique, flexibility, and strength. BarreAmped Fire is intense but addictive. Full range of motion moves, quick transitions, elements of cardio, and advanced dynamic stretching produce the fastest body changing results. Fire is sure to bring the shake! We encourage you to take at least 10 regular BarreAmped classes before taking Fire.

FiitFire:  A classic HIIT training workout that will have you drenched and challenged in only 30 minutes! HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is a training technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, active recovery periods.This is a fantastic component to add to your weekly workout routine, because studies have shown over and over again it burns up to 9x more fat than traditional cardio alone! It will keep your heart rate up and going to burn fat even while you sleep! Who doesn’t want that? FiitFire should never be done on back to back days. You need to give your muscles adequate enough time to recover. HIIT training results in EPOC, which speeds your metabolic rate and translates into a metabolism boost for up to 48 hours after a complete HIIT routine. Modifications are given, so anyone can do this class. Get in, get out, get it done!

Buti Yoga:  This is not your average yoga class! Buti Yoga workouts transform your body with cardio-intensive bursts of tribal dance, primal movement + conditioning woven into a dynamic yoga practice. This is a place where you are free to move, stretch, challenge yourself and release any pent up energy or stress. The energy is always so high and this tribe of strong women know how to move, shake and have fun together!

Ugi:  Ugi is a bootcamp style class that incorporates a 6lb weighted ball  for cardio and strength training. The series of one minute exercises will change your body! From warm up, cardio, strength conditioning, balance, and cool down. Two years of research and development led to the Ugi ball itself, which has the squish of a bean bag, the bounce of a stress ball and the beauty of a simple design.

Class Rates and Packages:

$69 one month unlimited INTRO special - new clients only!

$20 drop in class

$139 month unlimited VIP membership (auto renews each month)

$159 one month unlimited 

$169 10 class pack


  Click HERE to see our current schedule and reserve your class. 


Scheduling Tips & Information:

The easiest way to schedule your classes is through our app. Search for The Barre at Berry Farms in your app store. Scheduling is super quick and simple.

Cancellation Policy:

Due to high demand in our classes, we recommend you schedule your classes in advance. If you just show up to the studio, you run the risk of no extra space or the class being cancelled if no one else signed up.

If you do need to cancel class, you must do so 4 hours before class start time to avoid being charged the $5 no show fee. If you have extenuating circumstances, you are allowed one free cancellation per month, you just have to email us at before the close of business day and let us know.

Late Show: The studio door will remain open until warm up is complete. After that, the door shuts and no one is allowed to walk in late. It disrupts everyone else and the order and flow of the class. We appreciate you honoring this policy as we strive to make sure everyone receives the quality experience they are expecting.

Class Ettiquite: Absolutely no cell phones allowed during class. Please put your phone on silent and leave in the cubby with your belongings. Also, no loud talking or chatting during cool down. We do, however, strongly encourage hoots, hollars, and encouragement during class!


Email us at for more information.  

Occasionally we host and rent our space out for special events.  Email us for more information at

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Intro To Ballet

A 12 week introductory ballet class for preschooolers ages 3-4

We will be covering ballet basics, musicality, and rhythm in a fun and creative environment!

There will be no hidden recital fees or costume fees

At the end of the course, there will be a mini performance to showcase skills learned and a little reception afterwards

Wednesdays, 11:15am - 12:00pm

Feb 1st - April 26th

No class for Spring Break (March 22nd)

Performance - Saturday, April 29 at 11:00

Makeup Snow Date (if needed) May 3rd

$50 per month

Includes a Tutu for Performance Night

Wear Pink Leotard, Tights, and Ballet Shoes

To sign up click here!