Here at The Barre we believe Moms need to take care of themselves so we can take care of our families better. We are unique in offering free childcare so you can have an hour to yourself! Our workers are always women - usually other Moms or high school/college students that will lovingly care for and play with your kiddos during class. All our workers are screened and interviewed and during childcare the class is monitored on a surveillance camera. We want you to rest assured your kids will have fun and be safe. 

Childcare is for children ages 6 and under.  No children are permitted in the lobby during class under the age of 14 unsupervised. 

Please reserve childcare spots under your name. No need to create a profile for each child.

To sign up multiple children- the mobile app sometimes will only let you sign up one child. If you have multiple children to sign up, you may want to try using your computer.

We do ask that you please take your children to the potty before class and do not pump them full of liquids! If potty training, please put your child in a pull up. The restrooms are located in the back of the studio and childcare workers are not able to walk through during class. We ask that you change your baby’s diapers before and after class as well. We do not handle diapers unless absolutely necessary, just for cleanliness and liability purposes.

Since we want all Moms to get in on this fantastic service, we limit free childcare to 2 kids per family. Any additional children after that, we ask you donate $5 per child to our giving fund. 

We hope your kiddos love coming to the studio just as much as you do!