The Barre originated in Spring Hill in 2013 as Studio 3 Fitness. A strong group of dedicated women started working out under the training of BarreAmped instructors Jennifer Barton and Calie Shakleford, and were amazed at not only the results they saw in their strength and bodies, but also in their spirits. Jennifer and Calie created an unprecedented environment of encouragement, challenge, and community. 

About the same time, Suzanne Banker became certified and began teaching off Music Row with BarreAmped Nashville. When Studio 3 needed a substitute teacher from time to time, she would travel to teach. Along the way a desire and vision for owning a studio of her own became apparent to her, and she began to pursue that dream. 

Through a long story of twists and turns, excitement and challenge, Suzanne purchased Studio 3 Fitness in May of 2016. For over 8 months she was in search of just the perfect location and spot to hold the growing community.

Berry Farms presented itself as just that. A wonderful community nestled in between Franklin and Thompson’s Station. Women from Studio 3 could still be a part but it would tie in the local Franklin community, and immediately Suzanne knew this was where we should be!

Studio 3 rebranded to The Barre and opened late 2016. The same heart of challenge and community carries on!

We are a predominately barre based studio, offering a wide variety of class formats within that genre. We are certified through BarreAmped and are the only Franklin studio operating with that method licence. We believe in neutral spine work, and feel that is what sets us apart from many others, because it is best for the health of the back, hips, and knees!

Barre fitness is growing more popular by the day and for good reason. The results are amazing and people of all fitness levels start to see them FAST. What most people don’t realize is that the barre craze is actually rooted in a workout method that’s been around since the ‘70s. Most barre techniques have their roots in Lotte Berk Method, which was brought to America by Lydia Bach in 1970. Suzanne Bowen, creator of BarreAmped, logged thousands of hours working at Lotte Berk Method Studios in New York City under the direct tutelage of Bach and other master level instructors.

From her experience, Bowen created an undiluted form of barre work with a strong focus on form in order to get the true benefits of using classic barre techniques. BarreAmped is not taught with a strong pelvic tuck which is classic to other barre exercise methods. Instead, BarreAmped teaches the student to focus control on the “Core Base”, the pelvic floor muscles and lower abdominal wall, in order to maintain torso control and a neutral spine. BarreAmped is a modern interpretation of a classic method, which shaped the NYC elite for years.

In barre you will learn to connect the mind and body with little moves called “pulses” and will feel the “tremble” of your muscle fibers which is where we “shake to change” and begin to see those dramatic results!

Our classes are filled with all types of bodies at every skill levels. BarreAmped is one of the best methods we believe to build strength and elongate the muscles to give you that lean, long physique.

“I have tried many studios in Nashville and the surrounding areas and can say without a doubt that you, your team, and the community of women are a cut above the rest. The knowledge sharing, the foundation of the studio, and community you’ve built continue to build is truly rewarding. I’m so thankful to be a part of this grow and can’t wait to watch it grow!” - Brooke Sweeney, 6 months

"The biggest impact this studio has had on me in 2013 is allowing me the benefit of a fitness family that is kind, encouraging and supportive. When I started nearly 3 years ago, I was a distance trail runner and thought I was in excellent shape, but I was prone to injury! After joining The Barre and really embracing the method, my muscles toned in a way they never did as a runner. I started feeling better and more fit, learned to be kinder to my body and all of my injuries went away. More than the physical change, though, is the mental change in me and the realization that strength and fitness comes in many forms. At 34 weeks pregnant, BarreAmped is gentle enough for my body, yet continues to challenge me with every plank, push-up, pulse and hold. I love this group of women and the BarreAmped method and hope we are one happy family for a long, long time." - Jill Hassen, 3 years

"Y'all have changed my life! When I bought the groupon 2 years ago, I hadn't set foot in a gym or done any sort of regular exercise in 10 years. I'd spent those years having my 3 boys and making them my priority—no time for me. Now, not only can I claim at least 10 lbs and many inches lost, I have gained muscle, strength and flexibility. I just celebrated my 35th birthday and am proud to say I'm in better shape at 35 than I was at 25. I give you ladies all the credit. Thanks so much for taking the time to be so encouraging and to create such a positive place for women at all places in their journey." - Mandy Luzinski, 4 years

"I am so thankful that the Barre came to my community!! It is the whole package—a challenging workout, great information on nutrition, and a supportive community of other women. I joined almost a year ago after recovering from a lengthy illness and I have seen amazing results! I really had given up hope that I would ever "have my body back". I remember feeling old and out of shape in my first class but everyone was so nice and encouraging! I look forward to class because I know it will be hard and challenging each time. I have lost inches and pounds, but most importantly, I have gained strength AND a whole group of new friends! My husband (the PT) went to date night at the barre with me on Friday night. He said "There is something special about that group of women, what a positive place for you to workout! And the workout was very smart and HARD!" Thank you for your unending support and encouragement." - Kathleen Carney, 3 years

“As I worked out this morning at my Barre Blessings class I was frustrated at what my arms should be able to do but can't…my weak arms are a result of my chemo, I'm told, and if I work them too hard, the sharp shooting pains, neuropathy, also a result of my chemo. At the end of my class as I laid in disappointment on my mat, while the instructor read from Jesus Calling, the Lord reminded me that today was the 16th…September 16th…12 years ago today I started my chemo. I laid there with tears strolling down my face as I was reminded of how far I have come in 12 years! 

All of a sudden my weak arms didn't matter anymore BUT that I had conquered and survived cancer! That I was able to raise my children! That I was blessed with another which I was told was probably not possible. And that I got to be married to a wonderful man who would take better care of me than I could ever ask. My weak arms are battle scars! Of a battle won!I needed to be reminded of that today! I thank the Lord for meeting me on the mat and reminding me about what is important today and how far You have brought me!” - Loretta VanDriel, 6 months

Suzanne Banker - BarreAmped Advanced Instructor and FiitFire Method Creator

Suzanne has always been a workout junkie and loved the gift of movement. For years she was an avid runner and kick boxer. She fell in love with the BarreAmped method and got certified over 3 years ago and spent most of that time teaching in Nashville off Music Row. She then went back to get her advanced certifications and learned how to pair the combination of tiny isometric moves with heart pumping cardio. "I saw changes in my body that no other workout produced! Baby weight gone and everything toned and lifted!" She went on to create FiitFire HIIT classes and loved the results and energy she saw in her clients. "The women motivate me. They come, bring all they have and leave everything on the floor. The emotional and physical release is like nothing else. You walk out of class changed - alive, refueled, and ready to take on real life." Suzanne has been married to David for 13 years and has 4 babes.

Stephanie Meeks - BarreAmped Advanced Instructor

Stephanie has been a BarreAmped instructor since 2012, gaining her roots from BarreAmped Nashville. She is passionate about people, food, fire class, and rising early for the wake and shake! "The most rewarding part of being a BarreAmped instructor is watching the transformation and change in my client's bodies, hearts, and minds. I love taking the journey with each of them and being able to encourage them through the ups and downs. The personal relationships I've cultivated because of barre are the most rewarding perk of this gig... plus rockin' arms and a toned booty!" Stephanie is a champion of women and a momma bear to five incredible daughters with her husband Isaac. Stephanie has also been recorded on the BarreAmped method DVD's by Suzanne Bowen.

Melanie Selby - BarreAmped and Dance Instructor

Born and raised in Birmingham, AL, Melanie grew up dancing in a competitive dance studio through high school. She then went to Auburn to major in business and while there, she was chosen for the University Dance Team. After moving to Tennessee in 2001, she continued her love of dance by teaching ballet, tap, and jazz to children. She began her fitness journey after having her last baby and loved seeing the changes it made in her health and physique. She fell in love with barre classes shortly thereafter while going with a friend and made the decision to teach. She went on to get her BarreAmped certification, and now teaches for The Barre. She is excited to also offer Intro to Ballet classes to young girls here at the studio. She has been married for 14 years and has 3 kids.

Jessica Bender - Buti Yoga Instructor

Fitness and activity has always been a huge part of Jessica's life. From a young age, Jessica was involved in dance and gymnastic fueling her love for being upside down. Jessica has tried everything from running to BarreAmped to hot yoga to spin. It's only fitting that yoga would speak to her soul with the challenges and freedom that it provides. The way BUTI combines dance and yoga was a perfect fit and so the seed was planted for Jessica to become an instructor. She is also certified in the tap 'n pow{her} method and plans on furthering her BUTI certification this year. Jessica is happily married to her best friend Cody and has four children.

Vadra Thatcher - BarreAmped Advanced, Ugi, and FiitFire Instructor

Vadra is an Advanced BarreAmped and FiitFire instructor at The Barre. "Before barre, I had traveled the smorgasbord of fitness: wanna be basketball star (fouled out every time), tap dancer, swimmer, elliptical journey-woman, kettle bell queen, weight warrior... you get the gist. Lots of things. Then Barre. For me , barre was the place where my body met my mind in exercise - perhaps for the first time. I found mindfulness in the midst of movement  - a sweat respite. I leave feeling different inside and out lighter of mind and stronger in body." Vadra is also a wife to Michael (16 years and counting) and mama to three pretty spectacular girls. She loves Jesus, her people, and this community.

Kacey Bell - Ugi, Dance, and FiitFire Instructor

Kacey is a teacher to the core! She loves teaching kids and adults alike. Kacey has always loved working out and staying active. She fell in love with teaching fitness classes as she attended Baylor University of Waco, TX. After graduating with a BS in Education in 2002, she began her teaching career in elementary school. After moving to Tennessee 9 years ago with her husband Nick, Kacey began taking Zumba classes and loved combining music and movement to her workouts. She became a certified Zumba instructor in 2010 and taught multiple classes a week. In 2014 Kacey became a certified Ugi Fit instructor and loves teaching this 30 minute weighted ball interval class. "I love Ugi classes because its a whole body workout each class and every class is different. It's fast, so it's hard to get bored because we are constantly changing moves. Give it a few tries and I think you will love it too." In her time out of the studio you can find Kacey running and moving with her 7 year old son, husband and 3 dogs.

Cortney Harrold - Buti Yoga Instructor

Cortney's love for fitness began at the young age of 16. Her parents owned a fitness center and as she watched her mom teach group fitness and change the lives of others, she knew she wanted it to always be a part of her life. Cortney's love of dance has also been a very strong influence in her life and in turn she became a Zumba instructor and taught for 6 years. After the birth of her daughter, a friend recommended she look into Buti Yoga. Cortney attended her first ButiGlo at Studio 3 Fitness and was hooked! Buti Yoga fused all of the things she loved: Yoga, plyometrics, and an open environment for women. "Buti helps women accept and love where they are in their journey while continuing to challenge them to grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually." Cortney is a native of Virginia and moved to the Nashville area in 2007 where she met her husband. They have been married 4 years and have an adventurous 2 year old daughter and a little boy on the way. 

Susan Warren - BarreAmped Instructor

Susan discovered her love for the BarreAmped method when a friend invited her to come try an amazing new fitness class. "I was hooked by the third class! Never before had I looked forward to exercising. Physical changes started happening after the first week, and I felt energized after every class. Susan became certified in Barre foundations in 2015 and taught at the studio where she first learned to embrace the shake. She loves to see the relationships that are formed when women come together in the studio and support each other, physically and mentally. Susan and her husband, David moved to Tennessee eight years ago from Indiana. They have one teenage daughter.

Rachel Lackey - BarreAmped Advanced and FiitFire Instructor

Rachel's journey and love for fitness began after the birth of her son in 2008. An active runner and participant in various group fitness classes eventually led to multiple injuries from high impact workouts. In May of 2012, she was selected by Suzanne Bowen, creator of the BarreAmped method to be part of the first "Raise the Barre" program and testimonial group for the method. "I committed to allowing my results to be charted while taking 3-4 classes a week and sticking to a healthy clean eating meal plan. After just 4 months, I dropped 20lbs and 20 inches!" Rachel became addicted to these classes and found a passion for helping others achieve the same goals. "I'm thrilled to share my passion with The Barre at Berry Farms and teach the clients how to connect to the shake and change their bodies." Rachel is a Nashville native and lives in Franklin with her husband Eric and two children ages 8 and 5.

Candace Gruenke - BarreAmped, Dance, Ugi, and FiitFire Instructor

Candace has always had a passion for dance and fitness, which led her to take her first barre class when the studio opened in Spring Hill. She fell in love with the method instantly and has made it a part of her health and fitness routine since. "The results that I've achieved with barre compare to nothing else! It not only strengthens and tones your muscles but gives you a confidence in yourself and your body. I mean, I couldn't even do a push up my first class!" Candace's love for the method inspired her to get certified in 2014 so she could share this workout with others and encourage them to push themselves beyond what they think they can do. She taught and took classes all during her pregnancy, which she credits to her quick bounce back after her son was born. She has been married to her husband Luke for 9 years and they have one son.

Brittany Pride - BarreAmped Instructor

Brittany's love for barre began almost 5 years ago when she started BarreAmped creator Suzanne Bowen's 30 day slim down challenge. She was into fitness before then, but mostly the kind that isn't kind to the body. So when she discovered this effective, joint-friendly and super challenging method, she was over the moon excited. Having never taken a group fitness class before, she hesitantly signed up for her first BarreAmped class at a local studio. "I was terrified that I would look silly or do the wrong thing or not be as strong as the other women, but the instructor made me feel like I was a rock star! She corrected my form where necessary and encouraged and praised me when I got it right. After class, I always felt like I could conquer the world and became addicted to this barre high I experienced. I called it my natural Prozac!" After falling in love with the method and taking classes for 3 years, Brittany pursued a dream and got certified. She will be getting her advanced certs very soon. "My favorite thing about teaching is witnessing the journey of each client. Watching their form improve and watching them connect their minds to their bodies is so incredible to me." Brittany has been married for 6 years and has two little girls.

Jess Talley - BarreAmped Instructor

Jess has always loved movement of the body and still does. She began her ballet when she was very young and then transitioned to a competitive gymnast until high school. She then competed with the Germantown High School cheer squad and later competed in college with the University of Memphis all girl cheer. After the cheer-leading career was over, she was all over the board with staying in shape since that had been such a huge part of her life. "I was doing a lot of hard, physically demanding workouts on the body before I found barre. After my 3rd baby was born I took my very first barre class, and oh my word, what a game changer! I love the method, the technique, the form and alignment as well as the strength that comes from it." Jess loves that barre works with your body and not against it. She began to feel muscles that she hadn't felt in a long time. She loves barre because it's not just a workout, but a mind-body connection and even a sense of family and community. Jess has 3 babes with her husband of 12 years.

Jennifer Barton - BarreAmped Advanced Instructor

Jennifer's passion for fitness is rooted in a life long dance career. She discovered her love for dance at a young age, which eventually led her to Louisiana Tech University where she earned a BA in Theater with an emphasis on dance. Upon graduation, Jennifer traveled and performed around the country before moving to Nashville to teach jazz and hip-hop at Brentwood Academy. She later accepted a full-time position as choreographer for the Continental Singers and has continued to do freelance choreography. She is currently the resident choreographer for Donelson Christian Academy's show choir and fine arts department. She discovered BarreAmped when her 3rd baby was 2 years old. She was selected to be part of the Raise the Barre testimonial group put together by BarreAmped's creator, Suzanne Bowen. During her time in Raise the Barre, Jennifer fell in love with the method.  "After years of joint stress from dancing, I finally found a workout that took the stress off my joints and still delivered a body-transforming workout!"  Her love for BarreAmped and her desire to share it withe her friends and community led to the opening of studio 3 Fitness in Spring Hill in 2013 and then the hand off to Suzanne Banker in 2016. "It has been one of my greatest joys to watch Suzanne soar into this new adventure! I'm excited to work with The Barre team and continue in one my my greatest loves - teaching!" She is also a wife and mom to 3 boys and her greatest joy is spending time with them.